SNES9xNext – Android Release

With VBANext rolling on in the background we took a small side step and got SNES9xNext repository going. To help mark this release I prepared a port of SNES9xNext for Android. This is particularily interesting since all current SNES ports on Android are of SNES9x 1.43. The SNES9x 1.43 branch is known for its raw speed so it is a chose candidate for running on slower CPUs. Since SNES9x 1.5X the team has gone towards improving audio by adding blargg’s audio core among other things. In turn the SNES9x 1.5X branch is quite a bit slower. Putting arguments aside which is better the plan here is to streamline being able to quickly deploy each version. Currently SNES9x 1.43 runs full speed with frameskip=0 on all games on most native Android 1.6 or higher devices. While SNES9x 1.52 requires a newer tablet basically. On my HTC Incredible S which has a 1Ghz ARM-7 CPU I get ~55fps on most games with frameskip = 0 and full speed with frameksip = 1.

Download SNES9xNext 1.52 Android

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