Diablo 3 Homebrew

Not all homebrew has to be emulators.  Not all homebrew we talk about has to come from here.

A very interesting project has fired up over the past 3 weeks.  Starting on IRC as a small project and growing into a large organization over github.  Being that the Diablo 3 beta was leaked very early to the public a strong desire to play was fired up in many.  As with many games today and particularily games of the Diablo genre almost everything in the game requires a server to communicate with.  So for those unlucky few who got shafted on the beta invites and wish to indulge in some Diablo 3 sights check out Mooege.  It is a private server emulator for Diablo 3.  No it won’t be the real game, no you can’t do quests yet.  You can run around the Diablo 3 universe, kill random mobs you spawn for 9001 damage and play with some of the skills for each class.  Surely this is enough to satiate your desires for Diablo 3 or exacerbate them, until the release date that is.

See Mooege and read the FAQ for installation info.

Update: Mooege Forums


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