Wii Transfer WiiU Keep Data

I’ve been asked this many times in the past two days. The WiiU supports transfering all the data from your Wii to itself (with cute Pikmin carrying all the data). The problem is that all the data is deleted from the Wii, nearly restoring it to a factory state. This can be quite undesirable especially for those who intend to keep using their Wii for other reasons. ¬†This requires a Wii already running homebrew.

To solve this is pretty simple:

Everything except any virtual console games installed to your SD Card will come back.

NESDroid – Real Time Rewind

To continue the last post about GENPlusDroid real time rewind.  NESDroid rewind uses the exact same method. Required only some small changes to the emulation core, nothing major just how it loads/saves its state. The FCEU state saves are around 75Kb per frame. We are using a 20MB heap for the NES version which only provides 15-20s of rewind as you see in the final segment of the video.

Certainly more fun to real time rewind NES that Genesis in my honest opinion.


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